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In 2012 The Parish Council secured funding from the KCC Members' Community Fund and the Birchington & Westgate Rotary Club

to provide a fence across the Recreation Field, in order to comply with Health & Safety requirements that dogs should not access the children's play area.

Overnight Thurs/Fri 16/17 April someone accessed the field,  sawed off the 3m+ panels and carted them off!

The Police are unable to do anything just now, as nothing was seen or heard.  They would like to be informed if anyone happened to drive through Acol late Thursday 16 or early hours of 17 April, or if anyone is offered some of these beautiful (and very heavy!) fence panels.  There was also a notice affixed to the fence, which may turn up discarded somewhere.  The Police would also like to know if this is found.

Please email through this website if  you have any information.

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