Monday, 27 April 2015

Acol Parish Council


Roy Wade clerk
1 Gore Street Farm Cottage
Gore Street
CT12 4LL
Tel: 01843 821110
Sheila Bransfield MA FRGS chairman
Tel: 01843 841691
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Welcome to the Acol Parish Council website!
From here you can keep up to date with everything that's going on in your village.
We are one of the smallest communities in Kent, but still very lively and active with a Parish Council striving to deal with your concerns.
Please contact us if you have any worries - or ideas!

A competition was held in the village prior to 2000 for an appropriate village emblem.  The winning design is now incorporated in the village sign, erected to commemorate the millennium.  The sign shows an oak tree as the name 'Acol' (originally 'Acholst') is derived from an ancient word for oak.  The founding date for the original village is circa. AD 450.
The original village was situated at the top of Margate Hill in an area now known as Sparrow Castle Farm.  At the time of the plague, the village became deserted and a new one was built in its present location.


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