2005 AGM Minutes

Road view

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall on Monday 23 May 2005 commencing at 9.20pm

Present: Chairman – Cllr Miss S Bransfield
Cllrs A Burgess & Mrs E O’Reilly
Mrs I Osborne (Clerk)
Also Present: Mr A Craig, Mr S Hodgson and Ms T Purser
Corinne Eldridge, Community Warden

1. Apologies for Absence
– were received from Cllr N Lord

2. Minutes
The Minutes of the meeting held on 21 March 2005 and of the extraordinary meeting held on 9 May 2005 were approved and signed by the Chairman.

3. Matters arising from the Minutes
– there were no matters arising.

4. Election of Officers
– the nomination of Cllr Bransfield was made by Cllr O’Reilly and seconded by Cllr Burgess. Cllr Bransfield accepted the nomination and signed an acceptance of office.
– the nomination of Cllr O’Reilly was made by Cllr Bransfield and seconded by Cllr Burgess. Cllr O’Reilly accepted the nomination and signed an acceptance of office.
– Cllrs Bransfield and O’Reilly were appointed as representatives.
KAPC – Thanet Area Committee
– Cllr Bransfield was appointed as representative.
Thanet Rural Regeneration Group
– Mrs I Osborne was appointed as the Acol representative to this Group, for which she continued to act as Secretary.
Tree Warden
– Mr R Lawrence agreed to continue to act in this role. His wide knowledge was invaluable.
Manston Airport Consultative Committee
– Mr S Hodgson agreed to continue to act as the Parish Council representative on the Committee.

5. Planning Applications
i) Acol Farm House, The Street, Acol – change of use of farm building to B1 Light Industrial and/or B8 storage, together with alterations to west elevation.

Cllr Bransfield declared a personal interest and left the room.
Further information had been sought from TDC Planning Department but no additional information had been obtained.
It was agreed, after considerable discussion and, having previously taken account of the views expressed by residents of the village living in Dilnot Lane, that the Parish Council would make representations against this planning proposal, on the grounds that a) the village is not conducive to light industry of any kind, and particularly in such close proximity to residential properties, b) the access to the site (for heavy and light goods) is at a very narrow and dangerous part of The Street, and c) the access road is well within the conservation area of the village.
ii) Monkton Road Farm, Seamark Road, Monkton – erection of 7 glasshouses, packhouse, research and education centre, 7 horticultural managers’ dwellings, roadways, reservoirs, conveyor system and ancillary works.
The Chairman and Councillors and the Clerk would be attending a meeting with Monkton Parish Council the following evening to meet with Planning Officers from TDC to discuss the application.
There was grave concern about the impact this proposal will have on the area as a whole, but particularly on the villages of Monkton, Acol, St Nicholas and Birchington.

6. Village Sign
The Clerk agreed to make enquiries of the local brewery regarding the possibility of a post being provided for the sign.

7. Clerk’s Report
a) The following cheques were signed-
i) Agri-Land Contractors £114.00 – 3 cuts Recreation Field
ii) Cornhill Insurance £400.30 – Insurance 2005/2006
iii) £249.76 – Clerk’s Salary – 8 weeks @ £31.22 to 27.05.05
iv) £44.53 – Clerk’s Expenses – £19.28 and Refreshments for AGM £25.25
Monies received :- 1st instalment Precept & Agency £1915.50
Having taken account of these amounts, the balance of the bank account stood at £2049.21.
b) Correspondence to report
Details of the correspondence circulated to Councillors are listed in the schedule attached to the signed minutes.

8. Councillors’ Report
Cllr Bransfield recommended that the Clerk’s salary should increase to the next point on the incremental scale with effect from 1 April 2005.
This was unanimously agreed by the Council.
There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.55pm.