2006 September Minutes

Present – Councillors Miss Bransfield (Chairman); A Burgess, Miss Brazier, N Lord and Mrs E O’Reilly.

Also Present: P.C. Kim Burgess and Roy Wade (Clerk to the Council)
The Minutes of the meeting held on 31 July were approved and signed by the Chairman.
None were made.
a) Ramsgate Town Council – The Chairman reported that T.D.C. had refused the request for the creation of a Ramsgate Town Council. However T.D.C. had now received a petition requesting the setting up of a Parish Council and this would be considered at a special meeting of The Council (TDC) at the end of October.
b) Reductions in Speed throughout the Village – correspondence had been received from Kent Highways in respect of speed limits on class A & B roads.
c) Statement of Community Involvement – The Chairman reported upon receipt of the Statement.
d) KAPC – Finance Training Day – The Clerk reported that a finance training day was to be held on 14 October 2006.
Resolved: that the Clerk and Councillor Lord (if he is available) be appointed to attend the KAPC training day and that the appropriate booking fee be paid.
The Chairman reported on correspondence with CPRE and that they had been asked to deal with the proposals for traffic calming in conjunction with the Parish Council. We are still awaiting notification from KCC that the project can proceed, following their meeting.
In respect of the Speedwatch initiative a letter had be included in the Village Voice and a “spot check” had been carried out and 30 motorists had been recorded and reported.
a) Messrs Cummins – The Chairman reported that the persistent drone was still causing annoyance and that investigations were still being made into the planting of suitable trees to act as a barrier to the sound.
Roxanne suggested that the matter be referred to the environmental services division of TDC and the Chairman indicated that she would follow this course.
b) Westwood Cross – Proposed Development – Roxanne reported that a series of meetings had been held and had been well attended. She further reported that many petitions were still being received and that the deadline for receipt of petitions was 7 October 2006. Members were advised that The Friend of the Earth Group were organising a march and finally that research and information were still being received and Roxanne was confident that a sound case would be prepared to oppose the development proposals.
c) Old Forge – the development was under way and the Chairman has received confirmation that the seat fronting the development belongs to W. Cole (Builders and Funeral Directors) and that they intend it shall stay in situ.
d) Development at Monkton – information is still awaited and a further report will be made.
e) Floodlit Factory – Councillor Burgess reported that he had discussed the lighting situation with the owners and that they had undertaken to investigate the possibility of using only “down lights”. Cllr Burgess would report further when confirmation has been received.
f) Mr Ken Wills – The Chairman had not yet been able to contact Mr Wills.
g) Sparrow Castle – The Chairman was still investigating and would report back. Roxanne has sent an email requesting detailed information to which she has not yet received a reply.
h) East Kent Access Road – Roxanne reported that formal planning permission had now been given for the proposals.
i) Land R/O St Mildred’s Church – The Chairman reported that she was still investigating the possible future use of this area of land.
The Chairman adjourned the meeting to receive questions from Members of the Public.
Mr Bob Norris asked for clarification as to declarations of interest and made reference to a recent Manston Parish Council meeting he had attended. The Clerk responded that there were 2 kinds of interest, a pecuniary interest and that members if disclosing such an interest were required to leave the chamber and take no part in the discussion or voting thereon. There was also a voluntary interest and this related to where a member may know the person being discussed and may wish to leave the meeting to avoid any conflict of interest.
Cllr Burgess reported that he had undertaken the inspection for August and that there were no problems to report. The Chairman advised Council that she had spoken to Chris Tull (TDC) and that he had confirmed that the litter bin was on the schedule for collection. The Chairman also reported upon discussions with Chris Tull and Peter Fright about the replacement of bark around the play area and finally that she had received a quotation in the sum of £80 for the repairs to the fence.
Resolved: a) that the quotation of £80 from Brian Card for the repair to the fence be accepted; and             b) notices be purchased and displayed advising residents and users to take their rubbish home to alleviate the need for Councillors to handle it.
No matters for report.
Resolved: that the under mentioned payments be made
Cheque no      Payee and details                               Amount
269                              KAPC Annual Subs                             £117.21
270                              RWade Salary & expenses                    318.88
271                              Agri-Land mowing Rec                70.00
272                              Jo Cannon donation for Xmas lunch          50.00
Consideration to be given to this matter at the next meeting.
It was agreed that Cllr Lord would be the Council’s spokesman on financial matters.
The Chairman reported
1.            Thanet Rural Regeneration Group meeting on 12th September discussed Composting facilities for household refuse and requested that this be raised at Thanet Area Parishes Committee. 
2.            Phone box: The Chairman had reported its poor condition to BT and received a response that this has been reported as a fault and it will be cleaned.
3.            Interactive speed sign: The Chairman had reported that was still not working properly and it has now been corrected.
4.            “Thanet Matters”: The Chairman received a telephone call in response to her enquiry and has been assured that these will now be delivered to Cllr O’Reilly for inclusion with the ‘Village Voice’.  
5.            “Beat News”: P.C.Burgess explained the problems in respect of the recent merger with the Canterbury police force and assured Members that it would be reinstated at some time.
6.            Domestic Rates / Community Charge: a letter has been sent to Folkestone and a response is awated.
7.            Road sweeping: A letter has been received to inform us that we are on a 4-weekly schedule, but this is not regular and the day cannot be changed.
8.            Free newspapers: The Chairman emailed other villages but few responses were received. Roxanne reported that she was still pursuing with Adscene and would discuss with the local publican whether the premises could be used a dropping off point.
9.            Motorbikes on Columbus Way: The Chairman had reason to report an incident at10pm on Wednesday 20th September and the Police were informed. Members suggested that the Chairman contact CPRE, as these incidents could add more weight to the need for traffic controls within the Village. Members requested the Chairman to notify the Community Safety Partnership of our concerns about Seamark Road/Plumstone Road being the only route into Thanet without a number plate recognition system installed, hence the increased traffic of all sizes.
10.        Website updated – www.acolpc.kentparishes.gov.uk and Council agreed to the Chairman’s suggestion of putting it in theVillage Voice with a note that residents may wish to email any photos they would like put on the website.
11.        Village sign: the Chairman advised that a formal application would be required, containing the detailed costs. Any work required for the Village Hall needs an application from the Village Hall Management Committee to the Parish Council, who can apply for funding and then give it as a grant to the Village Hall.
12.        Council agreed to the Chairman’s suggestion of putting a list of Members’delegated duties in the Village Voice so Villagers would know who to contact about a particular problem.
Time concluded:9.30pm