2007 February Minutes


Present: Councillors Miss Bransfield (Chairman); Miss Chesher-Brazier and Mrs E O'Reilly.
Also Present: Councillor Hibberd, Ray Ball (KCC Highways), Phil Sulley (Kent CPRE) and Roy Wade (Clerk to the Council)
The Minutes of the meeting held on 11 December 2006 were approved, as amended, and signed by the Chairman.
Apologies for absence were submitted by Councillor Burgess.
None were made.
Ray Ball (KCC Highways) reported upon proposals to introduce traffic calming measures within Acol and drew attention to concerns at the speed of traffic using the Village as a shortcut and on HGV vehicle using inadequate roads and the consequential disruption being caused to the Village. Ray made reference to the CPRE document produced on this subject and to meetings with the Chairman of the Council and residents.
The major thrust of the County initiative was to construct three Village Gateways and three lengths of footpaths as stage 1 of the traffic calming measures with a view to providing two further Gateways when funding was available. Ray reminded Council and residents that it was imperative that a scheme be approved in principle to allow the proposals to be considered for funding in 2007/08 financial year.
Residents raised questions in respect of the possible closure of Margate Hill and Acol Hill and Ray indicated that whilst these suggestions could be considered at a later stage careful regard would need to be given to impact on the Village and on the road network within the area. Concern were also raised that the proposed 3 Gateways into the Village would not be sufficient and that 5 Gateways should be included within the scheme. In response Ray highlighted the possible funding problems of achieving the comprehensive scheme and advised that the proposals as reported would have more chance of being approved and funded. It would then allow for a possible extension to the scheme to provide two further Gateways at some time in the future.
Questions were raised from the floor about the possible construction of a Village by-pass and whilst Ray thought that a case could be made for this he was of the view that this would need to await the construction of the Phase 11 Access Road so that any changes to traffic patterns could be evaluated.
Councillor Roxanne Chesher-Brazier expressed her concern at the damage and effects being caused to historic buildings within Acol as a result of the volume of traffic using the Village as a "rat run". Ray responded that if he was given a detailed list of such properties he would endeavour to incorporate measures into the scheme to ameliorate this problem.
Councillor Charles Hibberd reminded the meeting of the problems in Manston Court Road and St Nicholas at Wade and suggested that Acol is part of the problem but traffic movements could change when the Access Road has been built. Charles supported the view that 5 Village Gateways should be constructed but advised that realistically there was little chance of the fuller scheme being funded and that the Parish Council and Village should support the scheme outlined by Mr Ball.
Mr Sulley reported upon discussions with the Chairman of CPRE with the former Leader of the KCC about funding possible being made available for Acol. Ray said that he was not aware of such funding and Phil Sulley undertook to look into this matter and report back.
The presentation concluded with a general acceptance that the scheme reported upon by Mr Ball should be supported and the Chairman thanked Mr Ball and Mr Sulley for attending the meeting.
The Clerk reported that in order to meet the calculations for the assessment of the precept it would be necessary to amend the budget requirement from TDC.
RESOLVED: that the Budget for 2007/8, as amended by Council and attached at Appendix A, be approved and referred to the Thanet District Council and a precept of £4,030 be sought.
Councillor Hibberd reported upon
A) East Kent Access Road Phase 11- the procedure for making the necessary compulsory purchase orders had been commenced and he expected the CPO to be contested. Charles also advised that the necessary funding was not yet in place and that it would probably not be approved until after the next election.
B) Government White Paper on Local Government – the proposals had now been submitted to Government and it would appear that in respect of Kent there would be little change to arrangements.
C) Grant Funding – Charles reminded Council that grant had been approved for the replacement of the Village Hall windows and that grants were available for the year 2007/8 and Members should consider bidding for appropriate schemes.
The Chairman reported upon
A) receipt of a card from Dawn Lord thanking the Council for their kind thoughts following the sad death of her husband Nick.
B) Messrs Cummins would be holding a family day on 3rd March and this would give an opportunity to discuss tree planting and measures to reduce the obtrusiveness of the factory lights.
C) KCC highway leaflets had been received.
D) Southern Water had now announced the lifting of the hose pipe ban; and
E) RoSPA would be undertaking the playground inspection in July but Members were reminded that TDC had undertaken an inspection.
The Clerk reported upon a planning training day that was being arranged by KAPC on 17 March 2007 and it was agreed that Councillor Roxanne Chesher-Brazier and the Clerk be authorised to attend.
Councillor Miss Chesher-Brazier reported upon
A) Quex Park – a planning application for the change of use of buildings to provide a farmers market and other related works.
B) Proposals by the TDC to extend the Westgate on Sea Conservation Area and the Clerk was requested to obtain the relevant document and details of the procedure for extending conservation areas.
C) Westwood Cross Development – No further matter for report.
The Chairman reported upon
A) The revised interim inspection schedule (tabled at the meeting)
B) Fred Fright had now repaired the bark area
C) that the Clerk advise the inspectors that the works have now been undertaken (NB: first fit bolt covers and empty bins) and to order "take your litter home notices"
D) The Clerk to request Fred Fright to deal with hedge along the drive, and to repair two sections of broken chestnut fencing.   
The Chairman reported that the question of parish representation had still not been resolved and the Clerk to refer the matter to Brian White (TDC) and the Thanet Area Parishes Committee
Resolved: that the under mentioned payments be made
Cheque no      Payee and details             Amount
279         Audit Commission              58.75
280         RWade Salary & expenses          319.93     
281         KAPC Planning Training Day      117.50        
The Chairman reported that
A) That no reponse had been received from Thanet Matters but that she was still pursuing the matter.
B) Repairs were still to be undertaken to the street lights outside The Manor and Orchard Cottage.
C) Numberplate Recognition Cameras – the Thanet Safety Community Partnership had replied that KCC had no plans to install cameras in Seamark Road but that they have a portable camera that they will try to use.
D) Free Newspapers – recorded her appreciation to Roxanne for achieving the delivery of Adscene to Acol.
E) The issue of trees to screen the factories was still being pursued.
It was agreed that A) the next meeting would be held on 23 April 2007 (Parish Assembly Meeting) and the Clerk was requested to invite Colin Fitt (TDC Conservation Officer) and Phil Vann (Infratil Manston) to be the guest speakers. B) and that the Annual General Meeting would be be held on 14 May 2007.
Time concluded: 9.05pm