2008 January Minutes & December 2007 Minutes


Minutes of the meeting held on 17 December 2007
Present: Councillors Miss Sheila Bransfield (Chairman), Miss Roxanne Chesher-Brazier, J Inchley, Mrs. O'Reilly and Ms Rebecca Shingleton
Also Present: County Councillor C Hibberd and R Wade (Clerk to the Council)
33.      MINUTES
The minutes of the meeting held on 22 October 2007, as amended, were approved and signed by the Chairman.
Apologies for absence were submitted from PC Kim Burgess.
Prejudicial declarations of interest were made by the Chairman and Cllr Miss Roxanne Chesher-Brazier in respect of the planning application relating to Acol Farm.
Note: the meeting was adjourned before this application could be considered.
The Chairman reported upon
A) Traffic Calming – discussions with Keith Ferrin KCC, Cabinet Member for Highways, had revealed that there was not now funding available for the undertaking of traffic calming measures within the Village. Cllr Chesher-Brazier again outlined the problems experienced by residents because there were hardly any pavements within the Village and the need for the introduction of 20 and 30 mph speed limits to alleviate in part the traffic problems in Acol.
Cllr Hibberd undertook to speak to Keith Ferrin and Ray Ball about the concerns felt by residents including measures to control traffic movement in Plumstone and Crispe Road.
B) Margate Road a drain has collapsed and reported to TDC.
C) Trees for Kent – a wooded area has been planted in Acol Hill and the Parish Council were not consulted. Quex Estates were involved in this project and Cllr Hibberd indicated his support for the initiative and the funds that may be available to follow up the scheme.
D) Bob Lawrence has kindly repaired the sign in Margate Hill.
E) The marker stone on Margate Road has been removed by KCC Highways.
F) Police Survey/Police Matters- The Vice Chairman, Cllr Mrs O'Reilly undertook to study and complete the Police Survey. The Chairman had been advised by PC Kim Burgess that the Police had been issued with "blueberry" mobile phones which would make officers more available for the public to contact.
G) Thanet Matters – There was no need to circulate the publication as Adscene was now being received.
The Clerk had no matter for report but in response to Cllr Inchley undertook to report to the next meeting on the adoption of standing orders.
The Chairman reported that Quex Estates had kindly cut the grass, free of charge, at the Recreation Ground. The Chairman also reported that further quotations were being obtained for the replacement of out of date/damaged play equipment and a further report would be submitted. Finally in response to Cllr Chesher-Brazier Members were advised that revised inspection rotas had been produced and would be circulated.
RESOLVED: That the under-mentioned payments be made
Cheque No      Payee and details       Amount
305         R Wade Nov/Dec salary            349.52
            and expenses
306         KAPC Training Day             64.62
The Chairman adjourned the meeting to receive representations from Members of the public.
A) Mr Bob Norris – enquired whether it had been Cllr Mrs O'Reilly's intention to resign from the editorship of the Village Voice at the last meeting and she responded that it had been and that she had been thinking of resigning for some months.
B) Mrs Iris Osbourne – asked when the Village sign would be replaced and the Chairman responded that she would discuss this matter with Einar Willett and report back.
C) Mr Tony Burgess – referred to the problems with wheelie bins but that the leaflet circulated by TDC had been most helpful.
D) Mrs Barbara Inchley – referred to the need for the Council to adopt a code of conduct and referred to a recent incident.
The Chairman refused to allow discussion of this matter and referred to a recent meeting that she, Cllr Inchley and the Clerk had attended with Paul Moore, the Monitoring Officer for Thanet District Council. The Chairman thereupon adjourned the meeting to a date to be agreed.
15 JANUARY 2007
Present: Councillors Miss Bransfield, Inchley, Mrs O'Reilly and Ms Shingleton
Apologies for absence: Councillor Miss Chesher-Brazier
Also in attendance: Roy Wade (The Clerk)
      a)      Meeting with KAPC
The Chairman reported upon a meeting she had attended with the KAPC to discuss and receive advice on issues which had affect Acol recently.
      b)      Code of Conduct
The Chairman reported that following training given by TDC she had now received a DVD on this subject which was available le to all Members
c)    Lord Lieutenant's Annual Service
The Chairman reported that an invitation had been received for Members to attend the Annual Service i Canterbury Cathedral. No Member was available to attend.
e)    Kent Air Ambulance
Resolved: that a donation of £50 be made to the Kent Air Ambulance.
f)      Recreation Ground
The Chairman reported that she was still awaiting the quotation for the undertaking of works at the Recreation Ground.
g)    Re-instatement of Village Footpath
The matter will be considered at a future meeting
h)    The Village Voice – Correspondence
The Chairman reported that she did not intend to comment on the recent letter which appeared in the Village Voice
Councillor Inchley reported upon the meeting he had attended on 25 November 2007 when it had been reported the airport was generating about 5000 movements per annum. Two additional routes were being introduced to Jersey and Las Palmas and the Company would be investing in the environment.
Resolved: that the draft budget as submitted by the Clerk be approved and the precept for 2008/9 be set at £3987.00 and the Thanet District Council advised accordingly.
a) Cllr Inchley – 1) Asked whether the new standing orders would regulate the procedure for asking questions and the Clerk replied in the affirmative.
11) Asked why the public were required to sign the attendance sheet and the Clerk responded that it was not necessary for them to do.
b) Cllr Mrs O'Reilly – 1) the manhole cover in Plumstone Road has been repaired; and 11) the area near the Crown and Sceptre has suffered from flooding and asked who was responsible for dealing with this. The Clerk replied that Kent Highways were the responsible authority.
Time concluded: 6.35pm