2008 July Minutes


Present: Councillors Miss Sheila Bransfield (Chairman), B Hall and Mrs. O’Reilly
Also Present: P.C. Burgess, R Wade (Clerk to the Council) and 7 members of the public
13        MINUTES
The minutes of the meeting held on 19 May and 3 June2008 were approved and signed by the Chairman.
Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Inchley, Ms Shingleton and Roberts.
No declarations of interest were made.
(A) Incidents at Columbus Way – The Chairman reported on complaints of motor cycles creating noise and other disturbances at Columbus Way. The matter had been referred to the Police and P.C. Burgess confirmed that the matter had passed to him to deal with.
The Police had monitored the area with unmarked police cars and CCTV surveillance units and he would keep the Parish Council advised together with the ongoing problems of speeding vehicles driving through the Village.
RESOLVED: That the Editor of the Village voice be asked to publicise this matter in the next issue inviting residents to refer all such complaints to the Police who would record such incidents.
(B) Thanet Regeneration Rural Group -The Chairman reported that she had attended the last meeting of the Group and on those matters discussed.
RESOLVED: That the report be noted and that the annual subscription of £15.00 be paid.
(C) Thanet Local Board – The Chairman reported that the next meeting will be at 7pm on 21 July at the Charles Dickens School but she will be unable to attend.
(D) Kent International Airport Consultative Committee – Cllr Inchley had attended the last meeting and an item would be placed in the next edition of the Village Voice.
      (E) Contact with the Parish Council – The Chairman reported that as there was not a parish office phone calls should be made to her on 01843 844706 between 9am and 5pm on Mondays. A message may be left on this number at other time and, if the matter is urgent, she will return the call. Alternatively the Clerk may be contacted on 01843 821110. 
The Chairman reported upon the recent site visit she had attended when she and other parish representatives walked around the vast site (Phase 1) and were invited to comment. The views of Acol had been previously expressed in a letter to Planning Committee Members and these were reiterated, especially in relation to the impact that increased traffic would have on the Village and the water and environmental issues that had not been addressed. Finally the Chairman expressed her concern that the Chairman of Minster P.C. had expressed support for the scheme as it would in his view create employment opportunities for the rural villages. The Chairman subsequently attended a Minster Planning Meeting when the Minster Chairman advised he had given his personal view. A public meeting is to be held in Minster on 22 July and the Chairman will attend.
The Clerk reported on a meeting he had attended with Doug Brown (TDC Planning) and the concerns the District had on environmental/water issues and that further detailed information was awaited from the Environment Agency and Southern Water.
            The Chairman reported receipt of a letter from the resident of Sycamore Cottage on the continuing traffic problems and on the need for KCC to conduct a proper traffic survey. The Department of Transport had recently undertaken a survey in Birchington and Mike Smith (Kent Highways) had accepted the need for the County to do a survey in Acol but had suggested that it would be best to do this during September after the children had returned to school.
            RESOLVED: that KCC be advised that the Parish Council would like to see a traffic survey carried out on the road between the Chapel of Rest and the Village Hall and that the survey should be carried out during September.
            The Chairman reported that SERCo were now cutting the Grass and that the quality of service was much better. An invoice for payment had not yet been received.
20        VILLAGE SIGN
            Members were advised that the sign had now been fully restored and the Chairman recorded her appreciation to Cllr Mike Roberts and his generous support that had allowed for wrought iron worksbeing undertaken.
            The Council supported the Chairman’s view that application should be made to the Community Fund for financial help to secure the refurbishment and refitting of the Village Hall Kitchen. The Chairman would discuss this matter with Iris Osbourne and ensure that quotations are received.
22        CLERK’S REPORT
            The Clerk had no further matters to report.
            Members were advised that no planning applications or matters relating to planning had been received since the last meeting.
RESOLVED: That the under-mentioned payments be made
Cheque No      Payee and details                    Amount
319                   Grassmaster – grass cut                         90.00
320                   Allianz – insurance                    441.34
321                   R Wade salary/expenses                        425.47
322                   Miss Bransfield Expenses           91.81
323                   Thanet R.R.Forum – sub            15.00
            Councillor Hibberd was not present to make a report.
The Chairman adjourned the meeting to receive comments from members of the public.
Time concluded: 9.05 p.m.