2008 November Minutes

Present: Councillors Miss Sheila Bransfield (Chairman), B Hall, J Inchley and Mrs. O'Reilly

Also Present: Cllr C Hibberd and R Wade (Clerk to the Council) and 7 members of the public
36      MINUTES
The minutes of the meeting held on 1st September 2008 were approved and signed by the Chairman.
Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Ms Shingleton and Mike Roberts.
No declarations of interest were made.
(A) BT red telephone boxes – Council were advised that there are no current plants to remove the Village phone box but that consideration may need to be given to "listing" the kiosk.
(B) Diversity Training – The Chairman reported that TDC was to hold a series of diversity training days and that the Clerk would attend and report back.
(C) Gift of Television – The Chairman reported that contrary to a view being expressed by some residents the colour TV donated to the Community had been through the Village Hall Management Committee and not the Parish Council.
(i) Request for insurance – the Firework Display was organised by the Village Hall Committee, not the Parish Council. This year it had been cancelled but the relevant insurance policy had been displayed both in the Village Hall and on the notice board; 
(ii) The former footpath from Plumstone Road to Monkton was extinguished in the 1960s and, following an investigation, there has been no Village interest since that time in seeking to re-instate it; 
(iii) The Chairman disclosed an interest in this matter and took no part in the discussion of Acol Farm – the development carried out in this area was subject to an Enforcement Notice which had been overturned following an Appeal.
County Councillor Keith Ferrin – The Chairman reported that she would be meeting Keith on the 12th November. The Clerk reported that he had met Cllr Ferrin and there was a proposal that each parish council would be allocated £3000 to expend on highway/drainage matters and Cllr Hibberd also reported upon this matter.
A)    China Gateway – The Chairman reported that TDC had approved the application subject to further consideration being given to the reserved matters. The Chairman also reported that she had made a formal complaint concerning the manner in which TDC had determined this application and she would keep Members advised. During the Council discussion Doug Brown (TDC) referred to the construction of a by-pass but later confirmed this was not part of the current application. Finally Members were advised that CPRE would like to call in this application and any other future phases.
B)      Traffic Update – The first traffic count had now been completed and Members again expressed concern that it had been undertaken by cables and not by KCC personnel. A further report will be made following the results of the second installation at the end of November, in The Street. It appeared that the first count had only shown about half of the usage recorded by the local vehicle count with an average speed of 29mph. The Chairman has pointed out to Kent Highways that most of traffic crossing the cables in front of the pub would be rat-running between Margate Hill and Crispe Road and that, therefore, 29mph was excessive! Mike Smith (Kent Highways) has indicated that a manned survey may be carried out at a later date if we are not satisfied with the outcome.
C)    The Recreation Ground – The Chairman reported that she has now signed a formal agreement on behalf of the Parish Council and the grass had been cut again. It was agreed that the Clerk make payment to Serco when the account was received. Members were advised that the bottom bar of the gate was still in need of repair and Mr Murray, a local resident, offered to undertake the repairs. The Art Group has been approached concerning the additional "no parking" message for the notice on the gate. 
D)    The Community Fund – The Chairman reported that the application for community grant in respect of the Village Hall kitchen project had been submitted and Cllr Hibberd confirmed that the project was being well received. The decision will be announced at a meeting in Minster of 25th November and representatives of Acol Parish Council will be in attendance. Cllr Hibberd also reported that all the community grant funds had not been applied for and that approximately £1000 remained. Cllr Mike Roberts has also advised the Parish Council that he has an amount of £250 available for Acol.
      Members were advised that certain playground equipment was in need of replacement and Mr Murray indicated that he had a piece of play equipment that would be ideal for the playground. It was agreed that Chris Tull (TDC) would be approached to see whether the play equipment offered by Mr Murray would be acceptable within the playground and that if so application would be made for further funding from the community fund to enable it to be fitted.
      Finally Cllr Hall reported that he had undertaken the monthly inspection of the recreation ground and play equipment and that there were no matters for report.
Members were advised that no planning applications had been received since the last meeting. 
Concern was raised that the latest proposals for the Cummin's development had been submitted in August omitting that the purpose was for two new test cells. This did not allow the Parish Council an opportunity to seek assurances that they would not cause further disruption to the village. The purpose was mentioned in the notification that planning consent had been granted. A letter has been sent to the Planning Officer to highlight this problem.
(A) – Payments-That the under-mentioned payments be made
Cheque No      Payee and details             Amount
326         Cllr Mrs O'Reilly travel exp 24.00
327         Support Services – computer    30.00
328         Grassmaster – Rec cut   90.00
329         Cllr Miss Bransfield – exp   66.09
330         RWade – 20% sal & expenses    420.80
Councillor Hibberd reported upon:
A) KCC Budget Problems for 2009/10,
B) The deposit of £50m in the Icelandic Bank,
C) Community grants and Acol's application
D) Meeting with TDC to discuss traffic problems in Acol Hill/Margate Hill and Crispe Road and the problems created by traffic turning right at the bottom of Brooks End Hill into Crispe Road; and
E) The possible allocation of the £3000 to each parish council in Kent and the experience in Worcestershire where this proposal had been adopted.
A) Cllr Inchley – will attend the meeting in Birchington to consider the KIACC master plan.
B) Cllr Mrs O'Reilly – hedges in Plumstone Road in need of attention, and the ivy overhanging the wall of Hawks Barn need treating.
Chairman of the Council
Time concluded: 9.05 p.m.