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The Open Golf returns to Sandwich for 2011. The Royal St. George's was the first course outside Scotland to stage The Open Championship,
James Bond creator Ian Fleming's favourite course Royal St George's will host the Open Golf Championship in 2011. This will be the fourteenth time that The Royal St George's has hosted the Open. Whether you are a golf fan or not, there are opportunities for Acol residents to make money from the event.
Auric Goldfinger plays James Bond at the Royal St George's in 1959
There is a huge demand for accommodation at the time of the Open. There are several agencies locally that are actively looking for houses to rent for the period at extremely good rates. There are inconveniences of course: generally you have to move out and stay with friends for a while, but the rewards can be substantial. The better the property the higher the return. A holiday cottage in Deal, with two doubles and one single is currently on offer for the nine days of the Open for £10,000. Finns in Sandwich are close to the action and a specialist company offering properties can be found at www.sandwichopengolf.com
Cummins Acol is surrounded by some interesting businesses.
Amongst them is Cummins

Cummins is part of a giant American international company. Cummins describes itself as a global power leader, and is "a corporation of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems. Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana (USA), Cummins serves customers in approximately 190 countries and territories through a network of more than 500 Company-owned and independent distributor locations and approximately 5,200 dealer locations. Cummins reported net income of $755 million on sales of $14.34 billion in 2008". Ed: Why do they keep their lights on all night? Lets have less light blight please.

Anyone who looks up the history of Acol will come across a commentary on the village by William Cobbett, a Member of Parliament who journeyed England just after the Napoleonic warswriting notes on the way. Cobbett was born at Farnham, halfway between London and Portsmouth; his grandfather was a labourer and
worked for the same farmer all his life as "a road wagoner"; his father ran a public house in Farnham, called the "Jolly Farmer," which may be the inspiration for name of the pub in Manston. "When I got upon the corn land in the Isle Of Thanet, I got into a garden indeed." "I avoided Margate as being "full of Stockjobbing Cuckolds at this time of year…" He breakfasted at a little Hamlet (Acol) "But could get no corn for my Horse, and no Bacon for myself." Regarding the local conditions, Cobbett was moved to comment, "The Labourers houses, all along, through this Island (Thanet) are beggarly in the extreme. The People dirty, poorlooking, ragged, but particularly dirty. It is impossible to have an idea of anything more miserable than the state of the Labourers in this part of the country".

BBC Manchester reports that Co-Op chief Executive Peter Marks uses a football analogy to describe how 2009 has transformed the food retail fortunes of the Co-operative Group. "We've gone from the second division back into the Premiership, Overnight we doubled our share of the UK supermarket sector."  The Co-Op bought 650 Somerfield stores in March 2009. Some Somerfield stores are not due to be rebranded as Co-op until the end of 2010, which makes one wonder what will happen to the Birchington stores. Will they be allowed to have two large shops in Birchington, and if not, which one will go? Will one be closed, or will it be sold to a competitor?
A sea rescue plane for emergencies flying out of Manston Airport is being moved to Coventry..Responding to a Dover alert from Manston, the plane can be up and at the scene within half an hour, but normally within 20 minutes from the alert.  This service currently covers rescue across the Channel, which is the busiest waterway in the world. It also forms part of the protection for leisure boats, yachtsmen, fishing fleets and commercial shipping. What sort of argument suggests that moving the Channel Rescue plane to Coventry makes sense?
Answers on a pin head please.
Thanet Earth is now a year old and claims to have achieved all of the goals set out in the original plan to produce high-quality vegetable and salad crops in a unit that is almost carbonneutral. Current work includes clearing and replanting the pepper and tomato plants. Winter tomato production is in full swing and light levels are generally well contained.
The lights are on between midnight
and dawn and on darker winter days. Consideration is being given to a second pepper greenhouse for Spring 2010. Thanet Earth was recently awarded the Best Local Grower prize at the Tesco Grower of the Year Awards. Innovation, quality and service record were highlighted as reasons behind the judges' decision to reward Thanet Earth for its tomato supply. Thanet Earth was also nominated in the Best Environmental Grower category.
Plans for a dedicated visitor centre are currently being drawn up and in due course it is expected that it will be a popular local destination.



Here is a description by John Matthews of a passion for Scuba Diving that they discovered five years ago.
Jacky and I got into scuba diving about five years ago. We were trained at a heated swimming pool in Whitstable and qualified in the cold lakes at Leybourne in the October. As part of a twenty fifth wedding anniversary present, I took Jacky to Sri Lanka for a diving holiday. It was awesome. On her first sea dive after qualifying, she went down to twenty seven metres with a guide. The water was like a warm bath and the sea life was incredible. I had been fortunate enough to get some diving experience prior to our holiday whilst I was working abroad. On other occasions this proved to be very useful as I could establish whether, or not, we would enjoy a holiday at a particular location. We have dived in several countries and each one had its own special point to remember it by. One of the most memorable was the discovery of a Nelson era cannon in one of the bays around Antigua. Our guide discovered it by accident, but we can lay claim to being the first to ever photograph it. The heritage department had no record of the five metre long item. We have continued to take training courses for things such as deep dives (we have done 38 metres) and extended time dives which necessitates breathing special gas mixtures. There is always something to learn about! The best part, though, has had to be the underwater photography. We have hundreds of pictures and video clips of things that we never knew existed until we discovered scuba. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is interested in wild life.
John Matthews, Chataignier, Acol
Shepway, Dover, Thanet andCanterbury will team up andshare the same refuse contractor by 2013. Under the agreement, every household will be guaranteed a weekly collection for their everyday food rubbish, although in order to do so, some could have to be thrown out with garden waste. The four councils will all also provide a fortnightly collection for recycled waste and a fortnightly collection of other non-food waste, alternating with the collection for
recycled material.
Thanet District Council: www.thanet.gov.uk – 01843 290906
Acol Parish website: www.acolpc.kentparishes.gov.uk
Birchington Parish Council: www.birchington.org – 01227 742 822
Quex House: www.quexmuseum.org – 01843 842168
Spitfire Museum: www.spifirememorial.org.uk/ – 01843 821940
Police: PC Kim Burgess / PC Darren Reed – 01843 222265
Bus timetables for the E38 – www.eastonways.co.uk – 01843 588944
Coastal Walks etc – www.thanetcoast.org.uk – 01843 577672
If you want a laugh at some harmless fun, and see the Margate Clock Tower shoot into space as a rocket-ship, go to You Tube and search for 'Goddenzilla versus Margate'.
Are you on Facebook? Lots of people in the village are – www.facebook.com.
Crown and Sceptre in Safe Hands
My fiance Anne-Marie and myself have enjoyed very much the last year as tenants of the Crown and Sceptre. We have made many friends locally that we shall miss very much when we leave on 31st January.
I am very pleased to inform the village that a local family will be taking on the tenancy from the 1st of February. I know that there are ambitious plans for the future and I am sure, that you, like me, wish them well. In the meantime, our farewell night is on Friday 29th January, with a special night devoted to Michael Jackson. Because of the cost of a top class tribute act, (call 01843-842079) there will be a cover price of £6.00, but I assure you it will be a great evening.We both thankyou again for your support and I hope you will support the new tenants generously.
Ryan Webb
Crown & Sceptre
New Rail Timetable – More Cost for less service
I have received complaints from commuting constituents who, while paying in the region of three and a half thousand pounds a year for season tickets, are now faced with the prospect of having to change their work/life balance for the worse in order to subsidise a so-called “high speed” service from which they gain no benefit. They now find that because of longer, not shorter, journey times on the Kent Coast line caused by more halts and fewer trains to the destinations that they wish to reach, they are having to leave home earlier, wait for connections on cold, wet platforms and arrive later than before. All of this is being done to facilitate the subsidy of a service to St. Pancras from which most of them gain no benefit whatsoever. Those responsible need to recognise that they are presiding over a service that is expensive, slow, uncomfortable and unreliable. I am not remotely surprised that one commuter has already told me that instead of renewing his season ticket he will be buying a motor cycle and travelling by road instead. I expect that more will abandon rail for road as the new timetable kicks in. I have already raised these issues with Passenger Focus, who are in turn taking the matter up with South Eastern and with the Department. I shall be meeting with South Eastern Management very early in the New Year and I am seeking a further meeting with the Secretary of State. The situation that we face at present is nothing short of a disgrace: it was avoidable and predicted and those responsible have simply refused to listen.” 
Roger Gale MP
Use or Lose? That is the question
A ditty received from Al Murray – Acol Resident
The Crown and Sceptre has been at the centre of the Acol scene since 1620 or there
about when all the locals called in for cider or stout…..
“So don’t sit at home watching TV or computer,
drinking at home is just for the loser
So pop down the Crown and get yourself out
Use or lose your boozer!
As we are now blessed with two of the best
Come join Anne-Marie and Ryan and the rest
of the village pulling together and not apart
Come to the pub for a swift game of darts
Not sitting at home like boring old f***ts!
Use or lose your boozer!
That big red building across from the green
That you must have seen, is the pub
Where most meet and aim to be be seen
To discuss and chatter as to whatever matters
Relating to the village scene
Use or lose your boozer!
Come on down and join the rest
For a game of cards and a pint of the best
You can sit at home, curse and mutter,
So Use or Lose your Boozer!”
Al Murray
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What’s this Acol item:  When was the photo taken?
(Its the Acol Hoodeners Horse c 1953)
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