2010 November Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held at the Village Hall,

Acol on 11th November 2010 at 2.00p.m.
Present:      Councillors Miss S Bransfield (Chairman), B. Hall, J. Inchley, Dr. H Mitchell and Mrs E O’Reilly
Also present: Roy Wade (Clerk to the Council) and Bob Lawrence (Acol Tree Warden, resident of the Village)
            Apologies for absence were received from Councillor C Hibberd (KCC) and Councillor Mike Roberts.
            The Minutes of the meeting held on 6th September 2010 were approved and signed by the Chairman.
            Matters arising
            There were no matters arising.
98.      MEMBERS’ INTERESTS        
            No declarations were made
            Cllr Chard had now agreed to attend the January 2011 meeting of Council. The Clerk reported that he was trying to arrange for Cllr Bayfield (Leader TDC) to attend a meeting and address Members and he would advise Council when arrangements have been put in place.
            Mr Lawrence reported that the gas chamber lid near to the Crown and Sceptre was unsafe and the Chairman responded that she had been made aware of this and had reported to the SEGAS.
            No officer was in attendance to report.
            i)          Childrens’ Play Area – The Chairman reported that the play equipment had now been renewed and put in place by RSS Records Ltd. There was also a discussion on the need to replace the bark chippings within the play area and the Clerk said that he would discuss this matter with Chris Tull (TDC) to see whether they could provide and lay the chippings.
                        The Chairman also reported that some minor repairs need to be carried out within the area and the Clerk was asked to speak to Fred Fright to see whether he would be prepared to do these repairs.
            ii)         Recreational Ground – The Garlinge Scouts had offered to donate and plant trees within the Village and this offer, subject to a maximum of 6 trees, be accepted with thanks subject to the agreement of Quex Estates.
ii)                 Inspection of Play Ground – Members discussed the monitoring arrangements for the safety inspection of the playground and it was agreed that Cllr Dr. Mitchell would take over the inspections.
iii)               Recreation Ground Sub Committee – It was agreed to set up a Recreation Ground Sub Committee to be chaired by Cllr Dr. Mitchell and to seek volunteers from the Village, via the Village Voice, to serve on the sub committee. Members also asked that a small budget allocation be made in the 2011 -12 budget to allow the sub committee to spend on repairs and other urgent items.
iv)                Traffic update – The Chairman reported that she was still awaiting updates from Cllr Hibberd and Kent Highways on the highways fund hit list, weeds along The Street, the drain at the corner of Plumstone Road/Minster Road and litter pick volunteers/community pay back team.
v)                  Rural East Kent 50 plus free advice service – an invitation had been received from Janice Dadds which Cllr Mrs O’Reilly elected to attend; and
vi)                KALC – Another volunteer was sought to represent the Parish at Area Committee meetings and the Chairman will continue to participate.
(a)   Bus Services- The Clerk reported that the County were going through the retendering process for the bus services in Thanet and that as part of that the service through the Village would be kept. 
(b) Letter from Mr Norris
i)        Footpaths. Not parish council business, as has been advised upon receipt of each of the 5 previous requests.
ii)      Planning item not raised at September meeting: Orchard Cottage trees not subject to a planning application but a formality under the Town and Country Planning (Trees in Conservation Areas) Act and Councillors felt no need to raise. Residents were notified by means of the notice displayed in The Street. Trees are regularly pollarded to stunt growth and prevent overgrowing The Street.
iii)    “Traffic lights in The Street during repairs to another property damaged by HGV accessing the ‘approved’ industrial & distribution site in Acol Farm Yard…… what action on traffic calming – talked about for 14 years…..” Repairs to Vine Cottage were undertaken following several impacts from passing traffic. There is no “industrial and distribution site” in the village farm yard. The Parish Council has achieved village entrance signs, interactive sign, “unsuitable for HGV” signs, 50mph limit signs on Minster Road, 7.5 ton limit signs for Plumstone and Crispe Roads and the removal of directions to Birchington through Acol. Several additional measures will be fulfilled when Kent Highways finances allow.
iv)    Bonfire. Not parish council business as has been advised upon receipt of each of the 7 previous requests since November 2007.
(a)         Cart Lodge Barn The Chairman reported that this planning application had been approved by TDC.
                        (b)      The Cummins Development      The plans for these proposals had been received and were available for Members to inspect. The Chairman has written to convey concerns of villagers about light and noise pollution.
            The Clerk reported that he was not able to report on the bank balance for the period to November 2010 as statements were only sent out when transactions had been carried out. Members also received details of payments to be made.
            The Clerk also reported that the Parish laptop was not functioning and beyond reasonable repair and had been returned to the Chairman of the Council.
            (A) that the Council’s bank be requested to send copies of the Council’s bank statements and to release details of balances to the Clerk to the Council, R.J.Wade at 1 Gore Street Farm Cottages, Monkton CT12 4LL;
            (B) that the following payments be made
            Cheque No.            Payee & details                                        Amount
            376             RSS Record Playground Equpt.                      £3001.17
            377             Chair’s allowance Miss Bransfield                 £100.00
            378             R Wade ¼ of annual salary                               £500.00
            379             Serco Grass cutting                                             £63.00
            380             Jon Inchley Village Voice                                    £29.25
            381             Computer Services                                              £50.00
            (C)            that the position regarding the laptop be noted and that it be removed from the Parish Council’s asset register.
            No councillors were in attendance to report.
            Cllr Inchley (i) the bonfire celebrations had been a great success and a small profit had been made on the evening.
            (ii) KIACC: he referred to the recent article in the Village Voice and made reference to the recent public meetings.
            The Clerk reported that TDC had engaged MORI to conduct a survey into night flying and that once it had been received it was proposed to hold a public meeting within the Villages to agree a strategy for the way forward.
            Cllr Hall (i) Salt bins – asked about the latest position. The Clerk responded that Jonathan Cole had agreed to the siting of a bin outside the chapel of rest and that Kent Highways would be asked when it was to be provided.
            (ii) Speedwatch – Cllr Hall said that he had been out twice and it was noticeable that fewer HGVs were going through the Village which he believes may be relative to the removal of Birchington from the direction signs.
            Cllr Mrs O’Reilly made reference to the preparation of a new village plan and it was agreed to consider this matter at the next meeting.
Time concluded: 3.05 p.m.