2012 February Minutes

Present:          Councillors Miss Bransfield (Chairman), J. Inchley, Dr. H. Mitchell and R. Norris

Also present:   Roy Wade (Clerk) and 4 residents



            No apologies for absence were received.


            The Minutes of the meetings held on 5th and 16th December were approved and signed by the Chairman.  In approving the minutes Members asked that in future when the minutes appear in the Village Voice they be clearly denoted as “draft minutes”.


49.       MEMBERS’ INTERESTS    

            No disclosures of interest were made.



            Members were saddened at the death of Cllr Elizabeth O’Reilly, who had served as a Councillor since May 2003 until her death on 21st December 2011.  Members also remembered the late Nick Lord who served from November 2003 until his sudden death in November 2006.

             The Parish Council has received two applications for the vacancy and Interviews will be held on Monday 27th February.



            A Police officer was not present to report.    



            The Chairman reported upon the following:

a)      Salt bins – the Chairman thanked Paul Valek (Kent Highways) for providing the salt bin in Plumstone Road and expressed thanks to Jonathan Cole to allow it to be positioned on his land.  The efforts of Bill Yeoman were also recognised for his filling the bin from the sack.  The Clerk was asked to obtain quotations of the possible acquisition of 2 further bins for siting in Dilnot Lane and Crispe Road.

b)      Thanet Area meetings – a meeting was to be held on 20 February and Harvey Patterson, the Monitoring Officer was to address the meeting, although he was unable to attend.  A further meeting would be held on 8 March 2012 and David Brazier, K.C.C. member for environment, highways and waste had been invited to attend.

c)      Kent Association of Local Councils – the Localism conference had been over-subscribed and a further seminar was to be held. Members were advised that the KCC street lighting policy was being considered and Members would be advised if any issues related to Acol.

d)      T.D.C. – Sweeping of streets had been discussed with the TDC Cabinet Member and it was agreed that it would be undertaken on demand because no street cleaning schedules had been prepared.

e)      Thanet Rural Regeneration Meeting – Inspector Mike Pearce and PC Darren Reed had attended the last meeting.  A new police contact would attend future council meetings, more police would support Speedwatch and volunteers were being sought to undertake speed watches.

f)        K.I.A.C.C. – The Chairman reported that Instrument Approach Hold consultations were carried out and that as the hold area would be over the sea it would not impact on Acol.  Members were also advised that a new equine border inspection post would be opened on 24th February 2012.

                  Cllr Inchley reported that TDC were undertaking consultations in respect of night flying and that all residents would receive the appropriate documents for commenting upon.



            The Council agreed to receive the comments of Tony Burgess on measures to be undertaken at the Recreation Ground and Cllr. Dr. Mitchell reported as follows:

APEG  Report

            A boot fair questionnaire was circulated to 110 households . 26 households returned the questionnaires.

            5 responses indicated that it would not be a good idea to have regular boot fairs on the recreation ground.

            21 responses indicated that it would be a good idea to have regular boot fairs on the recreation ground

            Respondents provided useful ideas, comment  and suggestions for  alternative means of funding


              Some comments received                                  Suggestions for fund raising

            We get a lot of traffic in the summer months and it would only add to it in Crispe Road –

           A one-off fete – make it a good one

           Whilst I like the idea of boot fairs, we would like to point out that during the summer months Crispe Road is an extremely busy thoroughfare and we ourselves have problems leaving our house

            Open-air concerts, travelling fairs, shows and displays, 5-aside football

            It would mean more traffic through the village and particularly along Crispe Road

           A recreational park raffle similar to the existing village hall raffle – one pound per number

            I think Crispe Road would be too narrow to take the amount of traffic – trying to pass on a normal day can be tough and parking would be even worse, access to private houses blocked

            Side shows

             It would help raise money for the village and would be an encouragement to arrange more social events giving our village its heart back and defeat the apathy that’s now here

            Auction of promises

            It will be nice for the recreation ground to be used for fund raising events.


            It would raise much needed funds.  However I would be concerned about parking issues along the verges of Crispe Road and particularly on Nursery Fields which is private land.  A well-monitored use of cones etc would be needed to prevent this.


            If it helps to raise funds and does not adversely affect anyone, then why not!


            It would be a good way of raising funds and getting good use of the recreation ground


             It would bring life back into the village


            The facility at present is under-utilised.  Any means of raising funds should be supported.  The area has been recently beautifully improved


            We like boot fairs and it would be nice to have one local


           Possible extra customers to our village pub but concerned about parking


           There is little initial outlay – worried about parking – system of parking such as in from Acol Hill – out Crispe Road to Brooksend to ease congestion


           It would raise village moral


           It may prevent an increase in parish council tax for maintenance


           It would bring life to the village and give people an interest


           May produce more business for the pub – May make people from outside the village aware of Acol


           Great idea – a large banner by the Acol village signpost required – so that its properly advertised – parking should be properly organised on the rec – rubbish to be cleared


           It would be something the whole community could use and take part in – at least give it a try



  • The majority of responses  believe that boot fairs are a good idea
  • Most concerns are around parking on Crispe Road and increased traffic through the village

 Other News

            It has been confirmed that APEG will receive a Small Community Grant for £4250 from KCC to provide safety bark and a dog-proof fence or the play equipment – this will ensure that the play equipment can be safely used again.  The plan is to get the play equipment ready for use by the beginning of April 2012.

            We will also receive a further £100 from Rotary  – their District funds – so many thanks to them for their continued support.

            In respect of access to the Rec Cllr Dr Mitchell would further discuss with Quex Estates and report to the next meeting. Members felt that boot fairs should be regularised over the months of May-October 2012– no more than one a month and that the Clerk discuss with KCC/TDC to ascertain whether there would be any traffic problems created by vehicle gaining access to the Recreation Ground. Council were pleased to note that a community grant of £4250 had been received for fencing works materials and safety bark and that the fencing should be wood and not in metal.

            Cllr. Dr Mitchell was thanked for her hard and dedicated work in her submission for receiving grant and for the receipt of £100 from the district rotary organisation.       



i)                    Bank Balances – Council were advised that the Parish Council’s bank balance at the 31 January 2012 was £7080.83p.

ii)                  Payments Schedule –

RESOLVED: That payments schedule as attached be approved and payments made.

iii)                Repayment of VAT – Members were advised that  a refund for the repayment of VAT, currently in the sum of £222.49 would be made

iv)               Services undertaken by Serco – Members noted that Serco had increased its grass cutting charges for the year 2012/13 to £662.71p per annum (12 cuts per year).

v)                 Clerk’s leave – Members noted the details of the Clerk’s leave and that details of the cover arrangements by Peter Sass would be circulated to Members.



            It was agreed to make no adverse comments in respect of the application for the removal of condition 2 attached to the planning consent for development at Egerton Manor.



Cllr. Inchley gave details of the celebrations to be held on 4 June 2012 and it was agreed to convey to the Queen the loyal greetings of the Parish and community of Acol.



No Member was present to report.



            (i)         Cllr. Inchley highlighted the problems of seeking funding for the Village Hall  and the Clerk reported that he had written seeking consent to extend the lease to allow for funding to be sought. The Clerk was asked to supply Cllr Inchley with a copy of the letter.



            It was agreed that the next meeting (the parish assembly meeting) would be held at 6.00pm on 30 April and that it would be followed by the Annual General Meeting.


Time concluded: 15.40pm