2015 May Minutes

Draft Minutes of Acol Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 20th May 2015 at 6.30p.m.

Prior to the commencement of the meeting the following took the declaration of acceptance of office, having been elected to the Acol Parish Council on 7th May 2015.

Present:   Miss S. Bransfield (Chairman), B. Hall, D. Hayfield, J. Inchley and Mrs I Osborne

Having taken the declaration of acceptance of office the above joined the table as councillors.

Also present: Cllr Crow-Brown (TDC), Cllr R Latchford (KCC) and Roy Wade (Clerk to the Council).

There were 7 residents or members of the public in attendance

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs K Gregory and B Grove (TDC).


RESOLVED: That Councillor Miss Sheila Bransfield be elected Chairman of Acol Parish Council for the year 2015/6.
Councillor Miss Bransfield took the declaration of acceptance of office and took the Chair.  The Chairman thanked Members for their continued confidence in her ability to act as Chairman.

Councillor Jonathan Inchley was appointed Vice Chairman of the Parish Council for the year 2015/6.

The Minutes of the Parish Assembly Meeting held on 27th April 2015 were approved and signed by the Chairman.

No declarations of interest were made.

It was agreed to hold the next meeting on 7 July 2015 at 6.30pm and to consider at that meeting the calendar of meeting for the rest of the year 2015/6.

RESOLVED: That the following Members be appointed to the bodies as appropriate:-
Thanet Area Parishes Committee                        Cllr Miss Bransfield
Thanet Rural Regeneration Group                        Cllrs Bransfield and Osborne
KIACC                                                                        Cllr Inchley
APEG                                                                        Cllr Hayfield
Cllr Hayfield made reference to recent theft of the fence around the play area and on discussions with TDC about its replacement.  Only RoSPA-approved fencing may be used and temporary fencing is not allowed.

The Chairman reported on the election results and congratulated those members who had been elected to the Parish Council.

The Clerk reported on:
)    A request from Tony Burgess to have a sight of and to inspect the Parish Council’s financial records for the year 2014/5 which had been approved by the Council’s internal auditor.  The Clerk said that he would contact Mr Burgess to make arrangements.
(ii)  The Clerk made reference to the recent elections and paid tribute to former Cllr Fox, who had not sought re-election, and Norris for their services to the parish,
(iii) and having received invoices from Serco for the grass cutting of the Recreation Ground.
It was RESOLVED to make payment under cheque no. 523 of £259.76 to Serco for grass cutting services.


Cllr Latchford congratulated the Chairman on her re-election and appointment as Chairman and on Members for being elected to the Parish Council.  Members were also advised that KCC were faced with making further cuts of £98m to its budgets and that the authority was moving towards becoming a commissioning authority.  The Members’ community funding allocation of £25k was being maintained and he was looking at whether the funding could be used to allow the parish council to update its computer services.

Cllr Crow-Brown gave a brief history of his career and said that his main focus would be on preserving the operational capabilities of Manston and ensuring that the Local Plan reflected the aspirations of the Villages.

Cllr Hall asked why KCC had put in a new lamp post outside the Village Hall that had not been brought into use.  Cllr Latchford said he would make enquiries.
Cllr Mrs Osborne explained that Neighbourhood Watch had held a public meeting, which had been well attended.  Four new co-ordinators had been appointed and one more was needed and she hoped that the Neighbourhood Watch scheme would soon be operational.

The Chairman closed the meeting but Tony Burgess said he wanted to raise an item even though he had refused to advise the Clerk of the matters he wished to raise. The Chairman advised Mr Burgess that Council could not consider or agree to take action an any item that had not been placed on the agenda and that any resident was entitled to inform the Clerk, prior to issue of the Agenda, of matters they may wish to raise.  The Clerk was asked to place an item in the next edition of Village Voice to advise of the procedures to be followed.