2015 Parish Assembly

Minutes of the Parish Assembly Meeting of the Council held at the Village Hall,
Acol on Tuesday 27th April 2015 at 6.00p.m.

Present:      Councillors Miss S. Bransfield (Chairman), F. Fox, J. Inchley, B. Norris and Mrs. I Osborne

Also present: Councillors Grove and Miss Wright (TDC), Tony Gander (Community Warden) and Roy Wade (Clerk to the Council).

There were no residents or members of the public in attendance.

Apologies for absence were received from Councillor R. Latchford (KCC).

The Minutes of the Parish Assembly Meeting held on 8th April 2014 were approved and signed by the Chairman.

3.   MEMBERS’ INTERESTS – No declarations of interest were made.

The Chairman read her report for the year 2014/5 as follows:


Without the efforts of those who give their time and effort (and money!) to the running of our village, we would have no community.

Thanks go to:
Jon Inchley                        Village Hall Committee, Village Voice, Support Fund, KIACC
Iris Osborne                        Village Hall Committee, Speedwatch, Thanet Rural Regeneration Group, Thanet Area Committee of the Kent Association of Local Councils and for agreeing to co-ordinate reinstating the Neighbourhood Watch.
Bob Lawrence                        Tree Warden, Acol Horticultural Society
Bill Yeoman                        Beetle and Reindeer Drives, etc.
Mary & Sam Hodgson                        Village Hall Support Fund, Village Hall Committee
Norman Chidwick   )
David Hayfield        )                        for odd jobs, repairs and maintenance.
Brian Hall & others )
Councillors                        Roger Latchford (KCC) and Linda Wright and Bob Grove (TDC).
Thanks also to the many who turn up to lend a hand in an hour of need.


Church land – as you know, planning permission was granted on Appeal by the Planning Inspectorate and has subsequently been sold on at Auction.

Former Crown & Sceptre – although the planning application to develop the site was refused at the February meeting of TDC Planning Committee, they changed this at their March meeting and granted permission.  There is an official complaint with the Local Government Ombudsman.


The future of Manston Airport is now with government departments but, with an election pending, everything has gone rather quiet.  Cllr Inchley will report.


Negotiations are still ongoing for improvements to the sewage disposal system.  Southern Water have finally admitted that the waste from Manston Industrial Park is directed through Acol, which is probably the reason for our problems.

A new soakaway and drain have been installed on Nursery Fields after years of flooding in the area.


The hedge has now been trimmed, after time ran out last year.

Unfortunately, it was devastating to learn that someone had accessed the field late one night to saw off 11 of the panels and steal them.  This was a very expensive fence, funded by KCC Members’ Community Fund and Birchington and Westgate Rotary Club.  It was erected by several volunteers from the village and Rotary and was no mean feat.  We are currently in discussions with our Insurers.


The paving to the front of the Hall was completed by the end of January and is a great improvement.


Increased traffic – We continue to struggle for Highways to install some traffic calming measures, such as extending Columbus Avenue to Shottendane Road to divert traffic from Acol.  The years of campaigning for this seem to have paid off as it is now included in the new TDC Draft Local Plan.


Thanks were expressed to Frank Fox for his service with APC, his knowledge, experience and advice have been priceless during his time with us.


(i)   Village Hall Management Committee – The report of the Chairman of the Village Hall Committee, Jonathan Inchley, is attached at Appendix A which outlined another successful year and that the fabric of the building is in good repair and that the funds were healthy.
(ii)  Thanet Rural Speed Watch- The report of the Co-ordinator, Iris Osborne, is attached at Appendix B and set out that the previous year had been a quiet year but that they continued to work closely with the Community Safety Partnership, Kent Police and Kent fire and Rescue.
(iii) Kent International Airport Consultative Committee (KIACC)- Councillor Inchley, as the Council’s representative to KIACC, reported that the future of Manston was still uncertain and its future was being considered by a Government Select Committee. The Select Committee had taken evidence from a wide range of interested organisations and individuals and it was hoped that its findings would be published in the next month or so.
(iv)  Acol Art Group continues to meet on Thursday evenings in the Hall and new members are always welcome.  Art Exhibitions are now held at another venue.
(v)   Acol Horticultural Society meets in the Village Hall on the first Tuesday of each month.  The 2014 summer and autumn shows were spectacular and the two spring shows this year had lots of beautiful exhibits, despite the weather.

The Clerk reported that the audit had been successfully carried out by the Internal Auditor and the following documents were table at the meeting:

(i)   Income and expenditure for 2014/5
(ii)  Bank and cash book reconciliation to 31 March 2015; and
(iii) Accounting statements for 2014/5.

The Clerk also reported on those invoices received for payment and it was

REOLVED: That (A) the details of the internal auditor be noted and approved and the Council’s financial records be placed on deposit; and
(B) the following payments be approved:

Cheque No            Payee and details                                      Amount

519                N Cooper, Hedge cutting at the Rec               £512.00
520                E Fewkes, Internal audit fees                            120.00
521                R Wade, 1st quarter salary                                440.00
522                H.M.R.C. – PAYE                                             110.00    

There were no public in attendance to put questions to Council. Councillors Grove and Miss Wright spoke in general terms about the election to be held in May. Tony Gander referred to the ongoing problem of fly tipping, particularly in Plumstone Road, and that he hoped that CCTV cameras would soon be installed to help identify those persons who dumped rubbish.

Time concluded:6.35 p.m.