2016 November Minutes

Minutes of the Acol Parish Council meeting held on Monday 28th November 2016 at 2.00pm
in the Village Hall, Acol.

Present:  Cllrs. Miss Bransfield (Chairman), D Hayfield and Mrs. Osborne.
Also Present:  Cllrs Crow-Brown & Gregory (TDC) and Roy Wade (Clerk) and PCSO Raisbeck
Apologies for absence:  Cllrs. Hall, Inchley and Latchford (KCC).

39.          MINUTES
RESOLVED:  That the minutes of the meeting held on 5th September 2016 be approved and signed by the Chairman.

No declarations of interest were made.

PCSO Raisbeck reported that 6 calls had been logged for Acol, including sheep on the road, burglary, bad driving and the incident reported by the Parish Council from an incident recorded on the CCTV. The police would be undertaking an anti – burglary campaign from 31 October to 30 January 2017. The PCSO service had been having staffing problems which had affected the ability to undertake all of their duties. However 3 officers had been appointed and 3 more were to be recruited in 2017.

In response to Cllr. Mrs. Osborne the officer undertook to locate the speed awareness equipment.

42.          SOUTHERN WATER
The Chairman reported that Sir Roger Gale MP had arranged a meeting for Monday 5th December 2016 and a further report would be made to the next meeting.

43.          CHAIRMAN’S REPORT
The Chairman reported upon:

1.  Thanks to volunteers/helpers.
Bob Lawrence – for painting the railing around the commemorative oak on the Rec and the post of the Nursery Fields direction sign.
Also, 14 October, phone call from Gill from bungalow, Honeymead, to report 5 rams in her front garden!  No response from Police or RSPCA.  I rang Bob Lawrence, who knew of no local farm with sheep.  He drove round the area for some time and discovered they belonged to a farmer in St Nicholas.  Hare coursers had broken a fence and the rams escaped across the fields.  They were duly recovered.
Paul Seymour (fairly new Crispe Road resident ) for providing APC with a gavel.
Acol WI for presenting a decanter and glass for water.

2.  TDC Waste & Streetcleaning Department
8 September, I reported vast amount of litter around village thrown from cars.
29 September, email received from TDC advising a litter pick will be arranged “as soon as resources allow”.
Most of the litter appears to be from Macdonalds and we understood that they had a litter picker to clear local roads.  Our Clerk will address this on our behalf.

3.  Highways
Recent closure of Manston Road resulted in increased traffic, inc HGVs.
Quex event clashed with closure but Highways engineers assisted by providing 3 “slow” signs at village accesses.
No money for signage improvements or additions.  (Road markings outside Vine Cottages included in list I received.  Highways lady had already advised Bob Lawrence of this work, so not sure if money was previously allocated.)
Request to Highways for an extension to Columbus Avenue repeated.
Problems with amount of traffic and speeding can be reported to Cllr Derek Crow-Brown, who is now a member of the Joint Transportation Board.
Highways have agreed that a volunteer (Bob) can repaint the post of the direction sign on Nursery Fields.

4.  Matthew Scott, PCC
He met with parish and town councils to outline his intentions.
He will increase the number of police, but depends upon funding.
He said there were no crimes in villages, but he was reminded that most people do not bother to report crimes as police do not respond.   All crimes/incidents must be reported to acquire a reference number.  Even if no response, the matter will be recorded for inclusion in statistics.

5.  KALC meeting with District Councils to discuss proposed merger of E Kent District Councils, Canterbury City Council and Medway Unitary Council.
Preliminary meeting.  Nothing decided.  No Minutes, but notes to follow.
(Linda Wright attended to represent TALC and reported that a KALC representative said that, although Acol is the smallest village in Thanet, it is the most efficient.)

44.          DRAFT LOCAL PLAN
The Clerk reported that TDC would be publishing the draft Local Plan in January/February 2017. Cllr. Gregory reported upon the process for finalising the Plan which could take up to 2 years but that the Plan would be in place until 2031.

Cllr. Hayfield reported that Serco were continuing to maintain an excellent grass cutting service. The Clerk reported that TDC wanted to re-site the dog waste bin because of problems with the collection of the waste material.
RESOLVED: That TDC be advised to re-site the bin to the top of the Recreation Ground by the stile which will allow for the parking of the TDC vehicle.

Cllr. Hayfield reported that the 3 cameras had in the first week recorded an incident which had been reported to the Police. Members were also advised that the operating costs for the CCTV system would be about £41.00 per quarter.
RESOLVED: That the report of Cllr Hayfield be received and the operating costs of the system be met by the Parish Council.

47.          PENSION RIGHTS
The Clerk reported that the Council may have to offer pension rights to a future employee and that it would be necessary to register for the scheme.
RESOLVED: That the report be received and the Parish Council register in to the Pension scheme .

RESOLVED: That the following payments be made:
Cheque No                    Payee                                         Amount

557                         R Wade salary                                   £440.00
558                         HMRC – PAYE                                    110.00
559                         Serco grass cut                                   331.20
560                         Ladywell-payroll                                    35.00

Council noted that the bank balance at 1 December 2016 was £11,308.68.


Cllr Gregory:
i)  The development of 36 houses in Monkton Road Minster had been refused by Thanet District Council.
ii)  Members were also advised that TDC had made savings of £1.2m and now held £6.6m.
iii)  Thanet was “bucking” the national trend in that its tourism was increasing.
iv)  Dreamland was struggling resulting from the non- operation of the scenic railway.
v)  Devolution in East Kent – was receiving the support of the other East Kent authorities.

Cllr Crow-Brown:
TDC were to build 58 houses on former garage sites and this was to be funded by a Government grant. A peer review undertaken by councillors from the south east of England had been carried out and TDC had been congratulated on what had been achieved.

70.          MEMBERS’ REPORTS
Cllr.  Mrs. Obsorne was having problems the speed watch initiative – she has stood down and someone else taken over co-ordination.  We need participants or we’ll lose the equipment to urban communities.
Cllr. Hayfield:  The work to repair the chain-link fence within the Recreation Ground will be carried out once the ground had dried out.

The date of the next meeting will be arranged within available 2017 dates and notified later.