2016 September Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held at the Village Hall, Acol on 5th September 2016 at 2.00p.m.

Present:           Councillors Miss Bransfield (Chairman), B Hayfield, B Hall, J Inchley and Mrs. Osborne

Also present:   Cllrs Crow-Brown and Latchford (KCC), Roy Wade (Clerk) and several villagers (approximately 20-25).

Prior to the commencement of the meeting Paul Valek, James Wright and Demi Richards of Kent Highways addressed Council on highways and related matters.  Paul set out the aims of the draft local plan and the declared intention to preserve the interests of the Thanet Villages and the rural areas. Reference was made by Paul to the issues raised by the Chairman and particularly to access problems to the Village via Crispe and Plumstone Roads and Acol Hill. In response to the Chairman Paul said his officers would look at the issues of HGVs using the Village roads as “Rat runs” and measures to improve on traffic signs and to identify that Acol was not a through road for heavy goods vehicles and general road usage.  The KCC officers noted the concerns of Members and particularly the use of Crispe and Plumstone Roads and would look at “quick fit” measures that might ease the concerns of residents and assist in the movement of traffic.  Paul referred to the notes prepared by the Chairman highlighting areas of concerns and indicated that his officers were investigating these issues and he would respond in detail as soon as possible.
James Wraight made reference to proposals that would go into the various future structure plans including a new road from Brooks End Hill to south Margate and the extension of Shottendane Road to join up with Columbus Way.
The Officers made reference to the proposals for the possible residential development of Manston Airport and the impact this would have on the local road network and Acol.

Apologies for absence were received Cllrs Grove and Gregory, KCC Warden Tony Gander and PCSO Craig Raisbeck.

No matters of interest were disclosed.

28.       MINUTES

RESOLVED: That the minutes of the meeting held on 4th July 2016 be approved and signed by the Chairman.

No officers were in attendance to report.

The Chairman reported as follows:
TDC have approved the amended Application for Forge Cottage.
Scaffolding has been removed from Crown & Sceptre (11 July), but no building work has yet begun.  The building and land have seriously deteriorated and have become a disgraceful, desolate eye sore.
TDC have advised that the Secretary of State has appointed an Inspector to conduct a Local Inquiry into the four Planning Appeals for Manston Airport.  Alastair Robertson, Airport Director of London Manston Airport, had attended a Parish Council meeting on 22nd January 2001 and advised that there had been 28,000 aircraft movements in both 2000 and 2001 and, in the MOD’s last year, 1998, there were 38,000, many more than the number “feared” by anti-Airport protestors.  No one had complained in the earlier years.
Thanet Rural Regeneration Group
There was a meeting on 2nd August.  Cllr Derek Crow-Brown has now been delegated as TDC representative and he reported on issues affecting the rural communities.
Thanet Area Committee
The Group met on 11th August, mostly covering updates for each local Council.
Village sign – Nursery Fields
The post for the 3-direction sign needs repainting.  The Chairman asked if anyone had any spare paint and time to volunteer.  If Highways were asked, they would just replace the sign with a modern one.
Power cuts
There were recently two days with power blips, six on one day and two on another.  The Chairman will be writing to UK Power Networks for an explanation and a solution.
BT Phone Kiosk
The phone has not been working for a week or so and the Chairman will contact BT to remind them of their assurance that it would be retained in service.
The Chairman recently noticed the vast amount of litter at the roadsides through and approaching the village.  She will contact the Waste and Street Cleaning department to ask for this to be cleared.

Cllr. Hayfield reported as follows:
(i)         He had spoken to the neighbouring resident who undertook to move her car if required, as a new “No Parking” sign had been displayed.
(ii)        Fencing had been inspected and was in good order.
(iii)       Serco have removed the weeds and we now need a new supply of bark chippings;  and
(iv)      The fencing around the commemorative Oak Tree has been damaged and Bob Lawrence will deal with it during the winter.

Cllr. Hayfield reported on an accident outside the Village Hall which further highlighted the need for CCTV coverage.
The power was about to be restored to the lamp column needed for the cameras, which would have number-recognition cameras with a speed tag within the unit.

The Clerk had no further matters for report.

(I)         Schedule of Payments
RESOLVED: That the under-mentioned payments be made:
Cheque no.     Payee                           Total
554                  Roy Wade salary        £440.00
555                  HMRC PAYE                110.00
556                  Cllr. Bransfield                33.98

(ii)        Bank Balance – The balance at 1 September 2016 was £10,532.04

The Chairman reported that Sir Roger Gale M.P. had referred to the Chief Executive of Southern Water the Parish Council’s concerns at the frequent power loss at the pumping station and the affect this was happening to properties in Crispe Road. Members would be kept advised.

Cllr Latchford reported that KCC was supporting the residential development at Manston and that he would be meeting Paul Carter (Leader – KCC) to express his concerns.
He made reference to Paul Valek and what an excellent officer he was but that Kent Highways were facing budget cuts of £58m.
Cllr Crow-Brown congratulated the Parish Council for inviting Paul Valek and his team to address Council.
The Manston public inquiry would be held on 1st November and 51 TDC councillors wanted Manston to remain as an airport.
TDC had received a grant of £1.8m to meet the cost of re-furbishing Dreamland.

Cllr. Mrs. Osborne – Speedwatch – extra police officers had been appointed and would begin the Speedwatch training programme. An article would appear in the Village Voice and volunteers would be invited to undertake the training.

It was agreed to hold the next meeting at 2pm on 28th November.
(The Chairman advised that she and Cllr Hayfield would be attending a meeting with the new Police Crime Commissioner on 27th October and this will be reported upon at the November meeting.)

The meeting closed at 4.15pm.