AHS Gardeners Supper

Gardeners supper

Acol Horticultural Society have done it again!  Their annual Gardeners’ Supper – always hilarious and even, at times, outrageous – has upheld its tradition of providing a really fun event.  All tables were taken, with about 65 people in attendance, with everyone very curious about the Wild West theme for a Murder Mystery evening.

The picture shows the "cast" at the bar of the Paradise Saloon from left to right:  Miss Patience, school marm (alias Kay Horne), the narrator standing (alias Bill Yeoman), Rowdy Azell sitting, fast-dealing gambler (alias Jim Barber), Sally Forth, English lady (alias Olive), Juan Bandito, Mexican bandit (alias Harry Horne), barman (alias Brian Hall), Bibi Gunn, saloon gal (alias Carol Hall) and Doc Mallard (alias Norman Chidwick).
They kept everyone guessing all night and very few people identified the correct murderer.  The script kept the audience in hysterics most of the time (Norman really must learn how to pronounce "derringer").
Congratulations to the Acol Horticultural Society for another very successful evening full of laughter and frivolity!