AHS Prize winners 2009

Mrs P Buckman – Tie-Marjorie Hall Challenge Cup  – "Members Home Economics, Classes 58-68"  (Tied with Mrs W Jarvis)
Best in Flowers 
Best in Home Economics 

Charlie Burgess – Mr L A Johnson Challenge Shield – Boy 9 years and under 

Mr F Fright – George Cowell Challenge Cup – Collection Veg Open 
Park Court Challenge Cup – "Onion Classes, Open" 
Rosedale Challenge Cup –  "Non-members Veg, Classes 40-57" 
National Veg Medal  For most points in Section 
Best in Veg 

Mr C George – Tie-AHS Challenge Bowl –  Best Allotment or Veg Garden (Tied with Mr G Knight)  

Mrs S Gibbons – Acol Post Office Challenge Cup – Class 78 

Mrs D E Golder – Robertson Challenge Cup –  "Non-members Home Economics, Classes 58-58" 

Mrs C Hall – Margaret Rose Trophy –  Most Attractive Cottage Garden 
Bax Challenge Cup – Most Attractive Patio 
Swinburn Challenge Trophy – "Floral Art, Classes 79-82" 
Best in Floral Art 

Mrs K Horn – Best in Handicraft 

Mrs B Inchley – Tie-AHS Handicraft Shield – Classes 69-72 (Tied with Mr R Wall)

Mrs W Jarvis – Mrs M E Stephens Challenge Cup – "Members Dahlias, Classes 8-12" 
Caralys Challenge Trophy – "Flowers, Classes 13-22" 
Tie-Marjorie Hall Challenge Cup – "Members Home Economics, Classes 58-69"  (Tied with Mrs P Buckman)

Amy Jarvis – Mrs V Ling Challenge Cup – "Child, Best in Show" 
Mrs I Norman Challenge Cup – Girl 10-14 years 
Best in Children’s 

Mr G Knight – Tie-AHS Challenge Bowl – Best Allotment or Veg Garden  (Tied with Mr Charlie George) 
Carson Challenge Cup – "Veg, Classes 40-57" 

Mr P Lawrence – Tan-et Chall Vase – "Sweet Peas, Class 6" 

Mr B Ogles – Chas Willett Rose Bowl – Most Attractive Garden 
AHS Committee Challenge Shield – Most Attractive Garden Pond 

Mrs S Wall – Richard Cobb Challenge Cup – "Specimen Rose, Class 7" 

Mr R Wall – Alf White Challenge Cup – "Pot Plants, Classes 23-32" 
Tie-AHS Handicraft Shield – Classes 69-73 (Tied with Mrs B Inchley)
Quaser Challenge Cup – "Pot Plants, Open Classes 85-97" 
Quex Park Challenge Shield – "Fruit, Classes 98-102" 
Best in Pot Plants